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CAA Approved PfCO number: 0067


Why Professional Motion

We employ experienced and qualified production staff within film and photography. 
CAA Approved Pilots with PfCO, fully insured for public liability. 
Flexible and adaptable to your needs, using ultra high resolution 4K cameras. Professional Motion Ltd can capture truly breathtaking aerial drone footage and ground based photography / videography using the latest high quality professional equipment.

Experienced Professionals

Our Pilots are all CAA approved and trained by a recognised NQE and follow laws, rules and apply good  airmanship princilpes as outlined in CAP 382, CAP 393 and CAP722

Unique Approach

We can provide aerial drone footage outside, and also inside property, which gives an unequaled level of smoothness and dynamic footage not found with a simple camera set up.

Small & Large Scale Contracts

Whether it be a few aerial photographs or a large scale movie production, UK and Abroad, Professional Motion Ltd has a solution for your needs.

Flexible & Adaptable 

Weather and other unforeseen restrictions may cause issues when planning a shoot, but Professional Motion Ltd will work with you to provide our service, when you need us the most.

About Professional Motion Ltd
Professional  Video Productions

Established by Christopher Drury in 2016, Professional Motion Ltd uses the latest DJI drones and 4K camera systems to capture truly memorable images in stunning HD (1080p) and UHD (4K) movie footage.

Professional motion offers full production services, from educational video, corporate video, advertisements, weddings, movie productions and more. From the Land, Sea or Air, Professional Motion has a solution for you.

Want even more control? Professional Motion Ltd offers two controllers for the Inspire, one for the pilot and the second for your own cameraman who will be able to independently control every aspect of the camera whilst in flight, giving total control over aerial photography or videography.

About the company founder; Chris Drury

After serving 8 years in the UK Armed Forces specialising as a remote camera operator,  intelligence gathering during the Gulf war and Bosnia conflict, Chris gained a degree in Performing Arts from Clarendon College and a Masters Degree in Film from Sheffield Hallam University. 

Whilst working on a short movie in 2014, Chris had the opportunity to work with, and fly a drone for aerial videography and photography, the images of which added a new dynamic to the scene that was both visually stimulating and added to overall narrative. After 12 years experience within the film industry and two years of drone training, Chris set up Professional Motion Ltd to offer the very best in videography and aerial drone photography.

Our Expertise

Aerial photography isn't just about sweeping vista shots, it's about getting the 'must have' shot that is just out of reach with traditional jibs and cranes.

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For more information regarding drone photography / videography restrictions and limitations, please contact us

Drone Photography VLOS

What times of day can you fly?

Daylight hours only. The UAS (Drone) must be flown within VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) unless special permissions are given 
Drone Photography Flying Limitations

Where can you fly?

There are very few areas that can't be used for aerial drone work. Basic rules are 120m height (AGL) and out to 500m distance and not within 150 meters of a large group of 1000+ people
Drone Photography Weather limitations

What limitations are there?

The Inspire 1 V2.0 drone has a maximum speed of 20 meters per second (45mph). The UAS can't fly in rain, snow or severe weather conditions, or in temperatures less than -10C

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